May 2018 Box – Foggy Ridge Cider – First Fruit and West County Cider – Redfield

Foggy Ridge Cider

First Fruit

Foggy Ridge - First FruitFoggy Ridge Cider began in 1997 with a cider apple orchard in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Founder Diane Flynt “grows ingredients” — bitter and acidic apples like Hewe’s Crab, Harrison, Tremlett’s Bitter, Ashmead’s Kernel and Dabinett, all full of complex flavor. For over a dozen years, the Foggy Ridge crew has crafted traditional cider apples into fine cider using all the skill and expertise of modern fermentation. Foggy Ridge now grows cider apples for talented cidermakers throughout the region.

About the Cider Maker

Diane Flynt at Foggy Ridge CiderDiane Flynt is truly one of the leaders in the cider industry. Already nominated for three James Beard Awards for ‘Best Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional’, she surely has set a high bar for other cidermakers throughout the country. After leaving the banking industry in the late 1990s, she took on the challenge of cider making and apple growing with her husband. They planted an orchard in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains where she lives in the great apple-growing state of Virginia. Diane is a learner and believes people can change and grow every day. She’s both a caretaker—of plants, her orchard, cider in the tank—and she’s an explorer. She is intimately involved in all aspects of the orchard and Cider House from grafting and pruning to picking and blending. With one sip of her cider, it is quickly obvious that she puts in a lot of hard work and is very passionate about her cidermaking at Foggy Ridge.


  • ABV: 7.0%
  • Tasting Notes: This fruit forward cider dominates the palate with crisp apple and pear flavors, lingering strawberry notes and a clean apple finish.

Learn More!

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • FB/Instagram/Twitter: @foggyridgecider
  • Tasting Room: 1328 Pineview Road, Dugspur, VA 24325

West County Cider


West Country Cider-2


The Maloney family started making cider commercially in 1984, after moving to rural Western Massachusetts from Northern California. Their new home did not have the orchards or grapes they had in California. What they ended up with was a small, 5 acre apple orchard. Using California wine making techniques, they became the first U.S. winery to specialize in cider. Now, after 30 years of cidermaking and a huge cider revival on their hands, West County Cider is celebrated and loved by cider drinkers across the country.



About The Cider Makers

The Maloney family consists of Terry, Judith, and Field. They had been making cider for themselves and friends for many years before starting West County Cider in 1984. When they moved to Western Massachusetts, they found out that their neighbors had also been fermenting for generations, using their own apples as well as those they gleaned from nearby trees. The Maloney family started doing the same, but applied California winemaking techniques to the cidermaking tradition. They have now been making cider for over 30 years. Pine Hill Orchards, in the same town, presses their fruit. Starting with only 100 cases in 1984, they made more than 2,000 cases of cider last year. West County Cider is still small, and they continue to ferment and bottle all of their renowned ciders in the cellar of their very own farmhouse.


  • ABV: 6.6%
  • Tasting Notes:  Redfield is unusually tannic, with bright fruit, and balanced acid. The taste seems to reflect the color; a striking red. A lovely summer drink, lightly chilled.

Learn More!

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • FB/Instagram/Twitter: @westcountycider
  • Tasting Room: 208 Peckville Rd. Shelburne, MA 01370

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