July 2018 Box – Krazy Farm Cider – Psyko Psydr and Frecon Farms Cider – Scrumpy

Krazy Farm Cider

Psyko Psydr

Frecon & Krazy-12In 2008, Noah Selman moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains with big dreams of a small farm. He began selling blueberries and figs at the local Santa Cruz Farmers Market. After several years of ups and downs he finally followed his passion and started making cider. As he began sharing his cider with family and friends, the feedback went from puckered lips at first taste, to “That’s not bad,” to “Hey Noah, got any more of that cider?” Noah is also planting roughly 200-600 apple trees on his farm unique to cider apple varieties for estate blends. As these trees produce refined cider apples, Krazy Farm will begin to expand and diversify their offerings in the near future.

About the Cider Maker

Krazy Farm CidermakerIn 2015, Noah took a cider class through Oregon State University which quickly became the beginning of Krazy Farm Cider. “The name Krazy Farm represents the hectic nature of running/expanding a farm solo in the Santa Cruz Mountains with clay & sandstone soil.” Noah says that Krazy Farm gave him a purpose, a goal. The craft also found a new meaning as he shared his fine offerings with others. The same people who thought he was Krazy to take on this endeavor on his own. Just look at where he is now.


  • ABV: 6.9%
  • Tasting Notes: A Krazy cider in all the best ways. The Cardamom flavor is a unique highlight of this cider and perfectly complements the ginger and honey subtleties as well.

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Frecon Farms Cider


Frecon & Krazy-4

Frecon Farms is first and foremost an orchard. So everything they do in making their product stems from generations of practicing the art of agriculture. After bringing in the harvest in the fall, they begin their process by following classic fermentation guidelines. The initial fermentations are always done in stainless steel. With their “Estate” ciders, the aging process is moved into oak barrels. Their grandfather put these apple trees in the ground. And today, the business is run by the 3rd generation of the Frecon family along with a team of talented employees who look to continue Frecon’s diversification while remaining rooted to their heritage of growing the finest fruits around.


About The Cider Makers

Frecon Farms OwnersFounded by Richard S. Frecon in 1944, Frecon Farms started as a wholesale fruit operation where Richard and his wife Martha raised six children on the family farm with each of them fostering Richard’s passion for orchards and entrepreneurship. Frecon Farms has grown into a diverse operation that Richard would be proud of. For over 70 years, Frecons have honed the craft of fruit production, on and off farm marketing, and most recently craft hard cider. Hard cider has given them the opportunity to test their horticultural chops in growing heirloom varieties, then seeing what unique flavors they can ferment them into.


  • ABV: 7.2%
  • Tasting Notes:  True to it’s west country heritage, this Scrumpy is a traditional English dry style and has a nice coated mouth feel with a smooth but strong finish.

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