March 2018 Box – Ragged Hill Cider and Embark Craft Ciderworks

Ragged Hill Cider

Traditional Semi-Dry

Ragged Hill bottle 2 adjusted

Ragged Hill Cider Company is located on a hilltop orchard in Central Massachusetts with sweeping views of the historic lands of Quaboag Plantation and the Quabbin Reservoir. Ragged Hill Cider grows all the apples used in their ciders on 60 acres of their 100% solar powered orchard using the latest in Integrated Pest Management and low spray methods. The apples are hand picked at the peak of ripeness, pressed, fermented and bottled at their orchard based cidery. Currently, they use traditional New England apples such as Baldwin, Cortland, and McIntosh, which were already growing at the orchard. But they have been busy planting hundreds of heirloom cider variety apple trees such as Roxbury Russet, Golden Russet, and Dabinett during the past 5 years that will be coming into production next year.

About the Cider Makers

Ragged Hill Cider OwnersSteve Garwood, the Cider Maker, fell in love with cider during his teens in New England. After helping bring in the hay at a friend’s farm, his friend’s father would pour them each a tall glass of his homemade cider. In the 1980s, Steve became an avid home brewer, but was pulled back into cider making after he had a taste of real French cider and he’s been hooked ever since. Anne, Steve’s daughter, joined the team to assist with planting 150 apple trees and to help with sales and marketing. Keith Arsenault, the Orchardist, is the man behind the apples. He grows and maintains all of the apples used in Ragged Hill Ciders.


  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Tasting Notes:  This cider comes from the very first batches of their 2016 harvest and bottled in 2017. It has a touch of sweetness with more ripe fruit flavor achieved by arresting fermentation to preserve some of the naturally occurring sugars.

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Embark Craft Ciderworks

Farmhouse Raspberry

Embark for Cider Shop

Embark Craft Ciderworks was founded by apple growers, passionate about farming and showcasing unique flavor profiles in craft ciders. As farmers first and foremost, they know it’s the quality and uniqueness of the apples they use that make a great cider. Embark trusts the apples (and in some cases, other fruits and natural ingredients) to provide the exceptional flavor found in their ciders. They are also passionate about the local food movement. They take fresh ingredients right from their field and combine them with other quality ingredients to create cheese and charcuterie boards for their customers to enjoy while they drink. Their portfolio is continually growing. Many heirloom and Old World apple varieties have been planted to create new, blended and single varietals to become the next Embark Craft ciders.

About the Cider Makers

Embark Ciderworks OwnersJake Lagoner, a fifth generation apple orchardist, got into making cider after trying a bottle of Farnum Hill Extra Dry 7 years ago. He instantly became hooked. Now, Jake and his friend Chris Gowan, who worked on the farm for 8 years, produce ciders using the fruit they grow on their farm. They take great pride in the fruit they grow and hope to best express the fruit’s characteristics in their ciders. Together, Jake and Chris manage a nearly 200 acre orchard consisting of over 100 different varieties of apples as well as many varieties of stone fruits and berries.


  • ABV: 6.3%
  • Tasting Notes: This cider is made by fermenting a blend of heirloom apples, then pitching fresh red raspberries into the tank to age with the cider. After some time, the two flavors blend to create a crisp and refreshing cider that highlights both the apple and the red raspberry flavors.

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You can find both of these great ciders on our website RIGHT NOW! Visit our online Cider Shop!

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