April 2018 Box – Awestruck Ciders and Phonograph Cider

Awestruck Ciders

Lavender Hops


Awestruck Ciders is one of the finest cideries in all of the great state of New York. They are located in Sidney, New York and founded in 2013 by Patti Wilcox and Casey Vitti. Awestruck started as a new venture for the couple, that quickly grew to a full-fledged business within months. With only 1,500 square feet to work with and demand increasing rapidly, within a few years of starting up, the two moved to an 8,000 square foot facility that is used for production, distribution, and even a taproom with an old school bus in it!

Awestruck Ciders takes great care in creating each and every cider they make. They use only the freshest pressed apple juice from local orchards in New York and use the highest quality ingredients in every batch (like lavender and hops). The result of their work is a fantastically balanced, clean, crisp, delicious cider. After bottling, the cider is shipped directly to retailers across the country. When Patti and Casey started Awestruck Ciders, they never expected it to grow as fast as it has. But we’re definitely happy it did!

About the Cider Makers

Awestruck Ciders OwnersPatti Wilcox and Casey Vitti met in highschool but have led very adventurous lives since then. Patti studied abroad in Bolivia, and Casey joined the U.S. Airforce, and then moved to France for work. Eventually, they both reconnected back in Walton, NY and travelled all over the world. It was during these travels that they discovered their love for cider. After returning home, the two decided to give cider making a shot using local New York apples. And after a few experimentation batches, and a lot of trial and error, Awestruck Ciders was born.


  • ABV: 6.6%
  • Tasting Notes:  Awestruck Ciders loves experimentation when it comes to cider making. One that made the cut, and our favorite, is Lavender Hops. It’s an off-dry cider with a light lavender flavor that isn’t overwhelming, and the hops add just the right amount of bitterness.

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Phonograph Cider

Northern Spy

Phonograph for Cider Shop

Phonograph Cider is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York state. It is there that founder, Steve Selin, produces every bottle of cider. Phonograph Cider comes from a traditional wine making approach. Every apple is pressed using a rack and cloth press that has been used for over 100 years. A sparkling cider is produced using natural secondary fermentation. The cool nights, especially in the autumn, allow the apples to ripen slowly and keep the great flavors that the apples develop throughout the growing season.

Steve enjoys collaborating with neighbors to help maintain and reclaim wild trees and forgotten orchards for use in cider making. The apples from these trees, plus bittersweet and heirloom apples from other small orchards, enable him to give every bottle of cider the solid foundation needed to create world-class ciders.

About the Cider Maker

Phonograph Ciders OwnerSteve Selin, the sole founder of Phonograph Ciders, isn’t just a cidermaker. He is a also an apple picker, orchardist, and a musician. He is a musician grounded firmly in traditional American Old-Time music – a genre that (he likes to point out) has many parallels to cider. Both the music and cider are maturing and being re-incorporated into American culture in a very real and organic manner. Steve has been making cider since 2003. Now, with his family at his side, he produces award winning ciders for people to enjoy around the world.


  • ABV: 8.1%
  • Tasting Notes:  The Northern Spy heirloom apple originated in East Bloomfield, New York – Less than 40 miles from the orchard where the apples were grown for this cider. The Spy’s austere acidity provides a solid backbone that the natural residual sugar stands on, creating an elegant balance. It pairs well with seafood, pork, cheese and is equally enjoyable by itself with a good book.

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You can find both of these great ciders on our website RIGHT NOW! Visit our online Cider Shop!

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