October Box – Wrangletown and Schilling Hard Cider


Oak Barrel-Aged Cider


Schilling & Wrangletown-27

Wrangletown Cider Company was founded by Pat Knittel in Humboldt County, California. Winemaking in California is of course widely abundant, but cider making is becoming more common as winemakers like Pat Knittell realize the potential in the cider industry and transition to making exquisite, fine cider. The name of this cidery comes from a small community formerly known as Wrangletown in the late 1800’s. This small logging town of 300 residents was prone to rough Saturday nights where street brawls were not uncommon. The story goes that two strong-willed women in the town had disagreements that frequently led to intense fights. One passing stagecoach driver decided to nickname the town Wrangletown, and the name has stuck around ever since. The bold, rich agricultural history of heritage apple farming in this region has inspired Wrangletown Cider Company to produce some of the best cider in the country.

About the Cider Maker


Pat Knittel Wrangletown Cider OwnerPat Knittel, Wrangletown’s owner and cider maker had a long journey of wine making before delving into the art of cider making. In 2000, Pat pushed her winemaking to the next level by going back to school and focusing on the Napa Valley and Sonoma regions in California. While in school, she was able to travel to New Zealand to study their orchard harvests. She then became the assistant wine maker at two renowned California wineries where she perfected the art of making Pinot Noir. After 8 years, Pat took all of her winemaking knowledge and made the move back to her hometown in Humboldt County to start Wrangletown Cider Company where she makes fantastic award winning cider.


  • ABV: 7.8%
  • Tasting Notes: This is a dry cider, aged for 8 months in lightly used French Oak that formerly held Russian River Chardonnay. The palate is rich with fine tannins and a round, wine-like mouthfeel.

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Schilling Hard Cider



In 1881, Colin Schilling’s great-great-grandfather, August, founded the Schilling Spice Company in San Francisco. He brought pure, natural, spices to everyone, at a fair price. Today, Schilling Cider carries August’s core values and pairs them with innovative cider-making techniques to produce quality, complex, hard ciders. Based in Seattle, Washington, Schilling Cider captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest by creating ciders that are deliberately innovative, bold, flavor forward, and never back-sweetened. Schilling produces all of their ciders using only fresh pressed, locally sourced apples. Schilling’s spiced chai cider, also known as Chaider, is excellent for the colder weather this Fall season. It is a fantastic collaboration with DragonFly Chai, a specialty tea store based in Portland, OR., and was fermented with their custom blend of spices.


About the Cider Maker

Schilling - Colin Schilling FounderColin Schilling has been making cider since he was 14 years old. He grew up on a small farm in rural Idaho with his so-called “hippie” parents. Each year they would gather apples and take them to a community press to make fresh-pressed sweet cider that would later be turned into hard cider. This began Colin’s love for cider making. Years later, after working at Microsoft for only 5 and a half months, Colin decided to make his hobby a full-time job. Thus, Schilling Hard Cider was founded in 2012. After many cider making attempts and tribulations, Schilling Hard Cider is thriving today as one of the largest cider makers in the Pacific Northwest with a brand new taproom that just opened in Portland, OR.


  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Tasting Notes: This is a semi-sweet cider, with strong flavors of cinnamon and cloves. It’s lightly sparkling, with a long finish. It’s almost like drinking an apple pie.

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