September Box – Shacksbury and Reef Points Hard Cider


Wedded Bliss


Shacksbury & Reef Points-12

Located in Vergenes, Vermont, Shacksbury is far from your typical cidery. They not only have a passion for cider, but also a deep love for the apple itself. This is seen clearly by their Lost Apple Project they began a few years ago. Every year in Vermont, the Shacksbury team spends months searching for wild apple trees that were planted decades or centuries ago, but were long forgotten. They have realized that the cider made from these rare apples brings out the distinct and exquisite flavors of traditional cider. The Wedded Bliss is a limited release cider made exclusively with organic apples from the Golden Russet Farm in Shoreham, VT. Shacksbury believes their cider can, and should, be daring and complex. But more importantly, their cider will truly change the way you think about this amazing fruit.

About the Cider Makers


Shacksbury Founders.jpgDavid Dolginow and Colin Davis founded Shacksbury in 2013. David worked at a renowned orchard in Cornwall, Vermont. It was there that he began planting and grafting apple trees that eventually led to a passion for cider and cidermaking. When he reached out to Colin to start working on the project that became Shacksbury, it quickly became a full-time job for the both of them. The duo are self-taught cidermakers that found a love for cider and apples. After their first time foraging for apples in the woods of Vermont, they started their “Lost Apple Project.” They take the apples they’ve foraged for the season and blend them with traditional English and Spanish apples to make some of the best, award winning ciders in the world.


  • ABV: 8.2%
  • Tasting Notes: Fermented and bottle conditioned with wild yeast. Unfiltered. Light with flavors that are very yeast-driven; flowers and spice over apple. Short clean finish.

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  • Website:
  • Email:
  • FB/Instagram:  @Shacksbury
  • Taproom:  11 Main Street, Vergennes, VT 05491


Kid Neptune


Reef Points is a small producer of hard cider located in the central coast of California. This cider venture is a creative vision shaped by adventure and travel on the high seas. Reef Points ciders are made from apples harvested from family owned orchards in Watsonville and Paso Robles, California. Kid Neptune is Reef Point’s renowned flagship cider, created with a field blend of Pippin, Braeburn and Granny Smith apples from Watsonville, CA. Named after Neptune, the God of the Sea in ancient Roman mythology, we agree that this cider is certainly God-like. The philosophy behind this cider is to preserve a dry, crisp and clean palate and to craft a cider that is truly drinkable anywhere – land or sea.


About the Cider Makers

Reef Points FoundersReef Points was created by two friends, Patrick Martinez and Dane Jacobs. Pat and Dane share a passion for the ocean and enjoy spending countless hours in and around the water. Patrick has been fascinated by fermentation since his first sip of red wine. Over the years, he has worked for wineries throughout the world. His interest in cider peaked after tasting cider from Australia, New Zealand and Europe which made him want to craft his own. Dane grew up in the central coast of California and spent many years swimming, surfing, lifeguarding and sailing. His love of the water and an entrepreneurial mindset resulted in him starting a small sailboat charter business, which he ran until 2013, when he and Patrick decided to embark on a new project called Reef Points Hard Cider.


  • ABV: 7.6%
  • Tasting Notes: This cider is fermented in a blend of stainless steel and oak barrels, and has a smooth, bright character with the essences of lemon zest and green apple.

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