Central Coast Cider Festival!

On Saturday, May 13th, we woke up early, packed up our car with everything we needed for our booth at the Central Coast Cider Festival and began the four and a half hour trek up to Atascadero, CA. If you’re not familiar with this town in central California, it is a beautiful little city about 10 minutes away from San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, right in the middle of the central coast wine producing region.

We decided to take the 5 freeway on our drive up instead of the 101 freeway because it saved us an hour of sitting through L.A. traffic. While the scene can be very bleak at times, it was still an excellent drive. Especially when we merged onto the 46 and drove right through acres and acres of wineries. There were grape vines growing on all of the hills for as far as the eye could see.

After a much needed brief stop at In N Out for lunch, we finally arrived at the gorgeous Atascadero Pavilion on the Lake where the event was being held. We checked in, received our badges, and walked around the venue. This place was awesome! It was a large room with high ceilings, and a balcony overlooking a beautiful lake. Luckily, the weather was fantastic and the back doors remained open the entire time letting in the cool evening breeze.

When the main doors opened at 5:00pm , people started rushing in, glasses in hand, to taste some of the finest cider in the central coast region. With the live band, Erin & The Earthquakes, playing, the English Pig Roast dinner being prepared by Chef Jeffery Scott, and the cider flowing, the place quickly had an incredibly fun vibe! We were dancing behind our booth, laughing with cider drinkers, and having a great time! Our favorite part was meeting so many people interested in DoubleCider and wanting to sign up!

Luckily, we had a chance to try some cider ourselves. And boy was it flowing! We met up with our pals from South City Ciderworks, Mission Trail Cider and Tin City Cider and tasted some of their excellent cider. We even got to try some new ciders from Surf City Cider and Krazy Farm Cider. But that’s just the start! There were so many other cideries that we didn’t even get a chance to try.

All in all, we had an excellent time! When the party finally started winding down, and the last sips of cider drank, we packed up, said our good byes, and hopped in our car for the drive back home. Yes, we drove home that night. We wanted to stay the night and party some more, but we had to be home for Mother’s Day the next day!

Even with a late night of driving, we reminisced about our time at the Central Coast Cider Festival the whole way home. Thank you to all of the incredible staff that worked and put on the event and to all of the cider makers for pouring excellent craft cider! And especially thank you to all you cider drinkers who make festivals like this possible! We already can’t wait to go back next year!


Joey and Taylor Kirby

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