February Box – 101 Cider and Mission Trail Cider


Stone Fence

101 Cider - Stone Fence BottleWhen a city is defined by warm summer nights, impossibly perfect beaches and ridiculously good looking people, there’s not much more to ask for … Except for a one-of-a-kind cider to call it’s own. This ‘LA lifestyle’ has paved the way for the introduction of a craft cider that will go down in history as one of the first ciders to take the west coast scene by storm. 101 Cider House embraces the LA lifestyle with new, adventurous ciders that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a couple apples and an imagination.

Fearlessly Different

The tasty beverage known as the ‘Stone Fence’ may have begun it’s story as a popular American cider cocktail. However, once deconstructed, spun on it’s head, and revealed in just the right ambiance, we are left with the 101 Cider House Stone Fence. This is a shockingly sour, yet wonderful, zesty, and refreshing cider to quench that particular craving you never even knew existed.

About the Cider Maker

Mark McTavish - 101 CiderMark McTavish is the founder and head cider master at 101 Cider House.  Having grown up near the plentiful apple orchards in Ontario, Canada, Mark quickly gained an interest in the craft cider industry. After graduating from business school, Mark took his passion and knowledge, and set out for the California sunshine. Mark has become a leading influencer within the cider community.

“Exposed to the sea salt coming in with the morning mist, each barrel evolves to embody the various elements of the local terroir.”

He is not only the founder of 101 Cider, but he also developed an artisanal cidery called Troy Cider in Sonoma California. In 2013, Mark also launched Half Pint Ciders, a cider-exclusive importing and distribution company.


  • ABV: 6.9%
  • Tasting Notes: Sour and tart,  yet fruity and floral. Farmhouse funky-ness as a result of wild yeast fermentation.

Learn More!

  • Website: www.101cider.com
  • Email: info@101cider.com
  • FB/Twitter/Instagram: @101Cider
  • Tap Room: 31111 Via Colinas, Suite 202 Westlake Village, CA 91362


Champagne Style Cider

Mission Trail BottleImagine traveling along “The Mission Trail” in the late 1700’s during the first Spanish exploration into California. As an early settler, any piece of land is yours for the taking. You round a corner, and look out upon a sea of seemingly endless, lush green hills already primed for an agricultural haven … Fast forward to 2014-  grapes, plums, apples, and pears flourish within this coastal terrain. Realizing the potential of this fruitful land, Mission Trail Cider was established with the intent to put a twist on traditional cider making. Mission Trail Cider has thrived within the renowned wine and agricultural community of central California.

The Bubbles!

Ever heard of the Charmat carbonation process? It’s the secret to setting this highly individualistic cider apart from all competition. This process is widely used to produce sparkling white wines, and Mission Trail’s Champagne Style cider is made using the same method. The end result is a very apple-forward, effervescent, dry cider that is akin to a high-end white wine. The pop of the cork is guaranteed to signify the start of an imminent celebration!

About the Cider Makers

Mission Trail FoundersMonte and Victor Jones are two brothers who grew up in a household of wine-makers and entrepreneurs. After branching out to explore a variety of career paths, their hearts led them back to their wine-making roots. In 2014, Monte and Victor developed one of the most prestigious mountain vineyards in the California Central Coast region. Along with grapes, they also planted a large fruit-tree orchard.

“Our goal was to create a cider that did not yet exist: dry, light, refreshing, great apple taste, powerful nose, and bubbly!”

With an abundance of apples, they decided to dive head first into the cider making business. Monte and Victor are loyal to what they call the “harder way” of making cider, and guarantee the use of only premium-quality fruit to avoid any added concentrate, colorings, or flavorings. Mission Trail Cider is quickly gaining recognition and their cider is becoming a highly sought after commodity around the nation.


  • ABV: 9%
  • Tasting Notes: Endless bubbles. Apple-forward, refreshing with a clean and smooth finish. Similar to an Italian Prosecco.

Learn More!

  • Website: www.missiontrailcider.com
  • Email: Victor@missiontrailcider.com
  • Instagram: @MissionTrailCider

You can find both of these great ciders on our website RIGHT NOW! Visit our online Cider Shop!

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