January Box – Honest Abe Cider and Ratel Cider


Honest Abe Photo-22

This fantastic cider is handcrafted in the iconic city of Los Angeles, California. As one of the only few cideries in LA, Honest Abe Cider has easily set itself apart from the ever-growing Southern California cider scene.

This award-winning cider is made with only locally-sourced ingredients. Additionally, there are no added preservatives, colorings, or pasteurization, making Honest Abe Cider a real, artisanal, craft cider. After indulging in this variety, make sure to keep an eye out for Honest Abe’s amazing array of delicious ciders and meads!

Honest Abe - 3Spencer Chambers is the head cider maker at Honest Abe. He began exploring the art of cider making in his home state of Kentucky (which is also the birthplace of Abraham “Honest Abe” Lincoln–hence the cidery’s unforgettable name). Once in LA, Spencer was eager to expand his operations. So in early 2014, the Honest Abe Cidery was established. Spencer is always announcing new, limited-release varieties that are truly pushing the LA cider scene forward! Spencer also recently earned the title as a founding board member of the California Association of Cidermakers, and is now the sole representative of Southern California cider!


  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • ABV: 6.9%
  • Tasting Notes: Champagne yeast with a touch of golden Southern California honey. Dry and crisp with slight honey finish.
  • Serving Temperature: Serve cold. Honey notes come to life as the cider warms in the glass.

Learn More!

  • Website: http://www.honestabecider.com
  • Email: yourfriends@honestabecider.com
  • Facebook: @HonestAbeCidery
  • Twitter/Instagram: @HonestAbeCider
  • Tasting Room: 17800 S Main St #105, Los Angeles, CA 90248


Ratel Cider photoRatel Cider is produced in the beautiful beachside city of Monterey, California. The Ratel is a Honey Badger, and if you know anything about the Honey Badger, you know he’s serious. So just as the namesake implies, Ratel Cider is most definitely a serious cider.

This Premium Craft Dry-Hopped Cider is unlike any cider currently on the market. Its beautiful, dark golden color, is an unexpected welcome as this cider is anything but sweet. Ratel Cider is fermented completely dry, then dry-hopped with floral and citrus hops to create a wonderful combination of complex flavors and aromas.

Ratel Cider BryanBryan Laschiver spent three years fine-tuning the right blend of sweet, sharp and tart apples to create the perfect cider. Bryan made a living for most of his life as a premium jeweler in Carmel, CA. But after an unexpected altercation with some jewelry thieves at his shop in 2013, Bryan made the decision to go all in on cider. Since then, Ratel Cider has quickly become a highly sought after artisanal cider. Bryan is actively working on some brand new one-of-a-kind cider varieties coming soon for Ratel Cider. So make sure to follow Ratel Cider on social media so you don’t miss out!Ratel Cider Glass


  • Bottle Size: 650ml
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • Tasting Notes: Very crisp and refreshing with fruity, floral aromas, and a unique hoppy finish.
  • Serving Temperature: 45 to 52 Degrees
  • Glass Style: Tulip, Snifter, Wine glass, or Flute.

Learn More!

You can find both of these great ciders on our website RIGHT NOW! Visit our online Cider Shop!

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